The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

A lot of confusing messaging here. Not sure if the reward for buying a $25 gift card is the $5 bonus bucks OR the 20% off online orders. Seems like there could have been a clearer call-to-action. Good use of a small banner to promote a new food item with a holiday shopping message.

Special Invitation to join BJ’s Brewhouse Ambassador

I like the upbeat tone of this invitation email, triggered following the purchase of a BJ’s-branded beer during a current BJ’s Premier Rewards member’s dine in-restaurant. Good bullet point features/benefits. Clear call-to-action. I also like the recognition in the mousetype of 1) the restaurant at which the member earned their invitation and 2) the BJ’s-branded[…]

Free $25 Gift Card…

I like the gift card offering with catering/large party order, but the subject line is misleading and counterproductive. Email subject lines should be more direct and action-oriented, and the ellipsis would either indicate the continuation of a thought (which it wasn’t) or even more value when you open the email.