Guess What’s Coming this Week to Red Bus!

Good update from Red Bus this week. The logo really pops at the top of this email. Text formatting could be a little tighter, but not awful. Would have liked to see individual beer shots with the accompanying descriptors/stats. Some redundancy in the footer with the MailChimp default address and unsubscribe info.

March 2018 Newsletter

Good balance of copy and imagery in this email. I like the hours of operation and social tools at the top of the email, but with an email of this length if you’re going to do that you may want to include a quick index with anchor tags to the content. The text is formatted[…]

Live Music Schedule!

Good update from #CoolBeerwerks. Just the right length for the content. I would have preferred to see it formatted as an HTML email versus a single image…but there’s a lot of formatting going on in there with colors, fonts and images, lol.

Capitol Beer Fest

Great email with great updates about a timely and topical event: the Capitol Beer Fest on March 3, 2018! I like the imagery and the formatting, and it not only highlights the upcoming fest but other events on the calendar. Just the right length, with good behind-the-scenes imagery to balance out the copy.

Blue Note Hoppenings 3/1

This is a great weekly announcement about the planned events and activities at the brewery. However, I would suggest that an HTML formatted email might serve the audience better. It might also allow for some images to break up the copy a bit. Good use of the default MailChimp footer functionality.

Stand-up Comedy, Blues and more

I love the imagery in this email! Not sure what header is supposed to be in the white space at the top, but this is a very informative email. The length, however, is a bit long for normal subscriber’s attention span. Good formatting and great use of MailChimp’s default footer unsubscribe and other preference information.

Sudwerk Brewing Co. Weekly Mash Up 2/26/2018

Great information and good formatting, but this email is SO LONG…in general, use email and social as a compass pointing to long-form content on the website. If there is this much information in the email, consider an anchor-tagged index or table of contents at the very beginning of the email. Lots of dead white space[…]

Red & Black Release & More!!!

Good announcement from Mraz Brewing, but it takes up 3x the space necessary. Unfortunately, you will lose some mobile email readers with the length. Key is testing early and often before blasting out to the list. Also, watch for the redundancy with addresses in the footer area: ConstantContact is going to want to pre-populate that[…]