Searching for marketing best practices

I’m a marketing advisor that helps brands tell their unique stories, growing sales and loyalty from an engaged audience. I’ve worked with a number of iconic brands and best-in-class service providers, leading teams and projects across all areas of marketing and public relations.  Today I am able to offer growing companies in competitive markets the tools needed[…]

Top 10 search tools for marketers

There are a number of ways to approach improving your ranking in search engines – finding what’s right for your brand may take some trial and error and that’s okay!  This week I’m going to share some favorite Bing and Google search tools for helping brand owners like you win the search game. Top ten[…]

Scrabble photo for search content story

How “craft” is your brand content?

Last time we talked high-level about scoring free advertising by upping your search engine ranking. One way to do that was increasing your page load speed, using my own site as a turnaround example. Today I’m sharing a quick how-to on creating brand content that your customers (and search engines) will love. Show me the[…]

Kombucha stories are all over the map

I’m definitely interested in where the kombucha industry is headed. It seems like ten or so years ago was when the industry started to gain momentum in the US, only to be slowed by issues with continuing fermentation in the bottle, making the 0.5% ABV beverage by label more like 2.5% after sitting on the[…]

The author’s question: “Is storytelling in marketing bullshit?”

I’ll give Jeff Hirsh from The Right Brain Studio credit for posing the question about storytelling, though I don’t entirely agree with his assessment. In his recent article, “Enough About Storytelling,” he talks on the one hand about the importance of storytelling to building brands, both today and historically. On the other hand, he talks[…]