Who won Starbucks for Life?

This is a great email from Starbucks, but there’s just too much info. It scrolls forever; doesn’t use space efficiently; and uses huge fonts. The colors are great, as well as the game iconography. Interesting that the stats for the “vote for your favorite character” must be a part of a static image for each[…]

Introducing: Upstanders

I thought this was an interesting political and other statement from Starbucks (which shouldn’t surprise us). I like the spirit of this, I’m just not sure that it has legs. Will be interested to see what follow up if any there is to this first series of videos. Definitely good stories, just doesn’t look sustainable.

The new Starbucks Rewards: Coming April 12

Pretty comprehensive program update email. Perhaps a little too lengthy. This appears customized to Gold Member status, so I’m assuming the other tiers have similar emails with their specific reward scenarios, etc. What would be pretty amazing is if they could dynamically insert the member’s last transaction and do a before/after points illustration! Probably risky[…]