Is #OptOutside losing momentum?

I love the email imagery and message…just wondering if any of you saw a lot of retailer support for this campaign? Aside from REI of course. I hope that this movement has staying power and actually expands to other gluttonous shopping days…perhaps once a month? Does it lose it’s strength when it happens more often?[…]

Klean Goes Solar

Beautiful imagery in this email, and definitely a nod to Klean Kanteen’s core values. I would break the imagery into photos and [coded] text. You lose absolute formatting, but what you gain is download speed and likely compatibility on more browers (desktop and mobile).

Applying for a position at #Zappos

I recently applied for a position to during my 2017 job search. I didn’t make it to the next level of interviews, but what’s interesting is the stark contrast between Customer Service and Recruiting communications from a marketing-the-brand perspective. Below are two emails: one clearly has the approachable voice of the brand, and the[…]

We are Setting You Up

I recently set up an Acorns account after my brother Ryan suggested it. I like the friendly approach; naming the customer service agent helping to set up my account; and giving me a quick video to talk about the process. I would imagine that in this industry there is a lot of legalese that could[…]

Get to know us!

The subject line is a little better in this follow up to the “welcome” email from Bath & Body Works. However, it’s far too long, all images, slow loading and still not mobile-friendly. The category buttons are heavy at the bottom, however the social bar is a good touch. As the beta test progresses, I’m[…]