Real > Cool

I’ve been using Strava for the National Bike Challenge this year, and I enjoy it. But this is a first for them – original content from athletes under the umbrella of “real” versus pretty or staged or curated. If that’s the new positioning or campaign for Strava, count me in. #AthletesUnflitered speaks to the raw[…]

Notification: Introducing RateBeer Talks

I actually liked the idea of RateBeer reaching out to loyal fans/subscribers, especially in light of A-B’s investment and its backlash this year. However, I clicked on the link quickly after I received it and it led to a SquareUp booking session with no times available and no messaging – either booked or available. Just[…]

Welcome to Plenti

Like many people I have signed up with Plenti just to see what it’s all about. Since signing up I haven’t received any offers that I can’t live without…but they are definitely adding new member companies all the time. Will be interesting to see how this program plays out 2-3 years from now, and whether[…]

Your weekly progress report from Fitbit

This first weekly stats email was part of their welcome series I’m sure, overcommunicating during the first week following registration of your device. Some days were better than others and this is a good dashboard of activity to make sure I’m on track towards whatever goals I set. Plus it pointed out that clearly I’m[…]