Contract Brewing Services Now Available at Abita!

Obviously a paid advertisement from Abita using the Brewbound list, I just thought this was an interesting statement about the state of the industry and growing, regional craft players. Given that lots of regional breweries are feeling the pinch this year in sales, following Abita’s expansion they’re probably taking some precautionary measures to make sure[…]

Abita’s Big Easy IPA Tour Takes Off!

Great way to announce a seasonal sampling tour – not sure how the events could be free; not require tickets; and offer samples…but they’re making it happen. It’s a long tour (March 28-April 30), and I wonder if it would have been better to try to own Mardis Gras in those geographies, which ended a[…]

Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer

Simple, yet effective new product announcement. Good imagery, good story, with a link to more info on the website. Perhaps consider breaking up the text with smaller thumbnail images and adding additional links to recipes that include the hard Root Beer, etc. Social/sharing buttons in the footer are redundant.