Scott, need to go in on a gift

Aside from being a fairly graphics-intense email, I really like a lot about this promotion for group gifting. Very simple steps to follow, with options to personalize. A nod to social networks with the friends/coworkers that contributed to the gift. Options for egift card delivery include email and Facebook.

Scott, packed and ready to go

I just like the energy in this email, centered around the theme of taking a summer vacation where you are sure to find an Applebee’s nearby. Postcard imagery is clever, with a clear call-to-action and restaurant locator feature. Good curbside promo in-keeping with the travel theme. Well-executed.

Scott, well we gotta ask

While I’m not a fan of Applebee’s new strategy of emailing every day practically, they have made some huge improvements to their email content. Imagery is beautiful, messaging is relevant and on-brand…and this follow-up to their new product introduction was also clever. Framed as a check-in to see if I tried the new sandwich, a[…]

Scott, what are you waiting for

Honestly I’m just not sure how the Applebee’s-ESPN relationship will play out in the restaurant. Curious more than anything how Applebee’s – a dying concept – was able to co-op ESPN’s name in order to increase their own authority in the game day space. Will look forward to seeing how this plays out during the[…]

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Pretty light welcome message. The product imagery is amazing, but this email really doesn’t instruct me on next steps to interacting with the brand. Granted it’s just an eclub newsletter powered by FishBowl, but they still could have either given me some incentive to visit the local restaurant or helped me navigate the website or[…]