Branding transparency from #Hangar24

Can’t say I remember when a brand in the beer industry or otherwise gave their most loyal fans a heads-up about changes to branding, etc. This shows a lot of transparency and helps customers make the transition along with the brand. Otherwise, I would suggest that there is too much content in this email: may[…]

Hangar 24 May Newsletter

Good looking email, but too much imagery upfront. The Airfest is a huge annual event, so it deserves top billing. Not sure if their distribution at the Ducks stadium gives them right to use the logo as if they are an official sponsor, but they are in this email. Long email with a lot of[…]

Hangar 24 Barrel Roll Club

I like that Hangar 24 is aggressively going after loyalty marketing…but I don’t know that a $300 year-long membership is the right way to go about it. Given that the brewery/tasting room is in Redlands, it might be better to use the loyalty program as a means to draw guests to the location as a[…]