Top 10 search tools for marketers

There are a number of ways to approach improving your ranking in search engines – finding what’s right for your brand may take some trial and error and that’s okay!  This week I’m going to share some favorite Bing and Google search tools for helping brand owners like you win the search game. Top ten[…]

Scrabble photo for search content story

How “craft” is your brand content?

Last time we talked high-level about scoring free advertising by upping your search engine ranking. One way to do that was increasing your page load speed, using my own site as a turnaround example. Today I’m sharing a quick how-to on creating brand content that your customers (and search engines) will love. Show me the[…]

The Role Of Brand In The Digital Age

I enjoyed this quick read from Marc Cloosterman on brand building with digital media. His points are spot on about brands needing to adapt to the new environment or risk falling far behind their more-aggressive competitors. This goes TRIPLE for craft beverage brands, especially breweries, who, if they make it past the first year or[…]