Scott, get $5 off your next meal

Per usual, Panera does an amazing job with product and in this case mobile/tablet imagery. This helps make ordering online or through the Fast Lane Kiosk seem easier or more approachable. Perhaps adding a quick snapshot of any other awards currently loaded into the account would provide even more incentive to visit the restaurant if[…]

Scott, choose your own reward

Nice little email driving customers to the website for a mini-engagement experience. On the landing page there is a video from Ron Shaich, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Panera Bread, about plans/hopes for the future of healthy eating in his restaurants. Then there is a simple multiple choice survey about what healthy eating means to[…]

Scott, take $2 off a sandwich

This reward email is so bare bones…And I had no idea this was coming, which is a great surprise and delight but when your program doesn’t have anything aspirational to track progress against, this falls a little flat. Could add some more meat to this email, including new menu items, seasonal selections, etc.

Scott, meet the new MyPanera

Seems like a missed opportunity for Panera to promote their new/enhanced loyalty program. The overly-simplified benefits statement and call-to-action of visiting the dashboard doesn’t do anything to sell the program, nor does it reinforce my reason for being a part of the Panera community. I would take a second to lead in perhaps with a[…]