Order online & earn points

Good promotion for online ordering early after the nationwide launch of the loyalty program. Great product imagery. Fairly clumsy to have to give your server the phone number in order to collect points – could lead to some confusion (“which number did I sign up with?”). But I guess the alternative at this point (prior[…]

An Exciting Announcement

Great that P.F. Chang’s rolled their loyalty program out nationwide, but I would have liked to have seen this first welcome email a little more personalized. Perhaps drop some points into my account for being one of the beta testers. Or give me a coupon for the “category” of menu item that I purchased most[…]

1,000 points, just for you

A decent welcome email after registering for P.F. Chang’s new loyalty program. What was more impressive was the account upgrade path – existing email newsletter members could log into their accounts and choose to participate in the new P.F. Chang’s Preferred loyalty program. Very simple, which not only improves the response rate but helps transition[…]

A special offer just for you

I like the personal tone of this email, implying that a test item has secured a spot on the permanent menu because it’s a favorite of the guests. Also this email contains a barcode image that was changed to reflect an “expired” watermark at the conclusion of the promotion. Well done.

To our valued guests

Most recent in an ongoing series of emails alerting guests and loyalty program members about progress made on a credit card criminal investigation. First I’ve really seen of its kind from a foodservice loyalty program (more recently we’ve seen a couple high-visibility big box stores with similar investigations, unfortunately). The transparency is good, along with[…]