Stone News: Stone Ruination Nation welcomes you

Another great looking email from Stone. A couple things to point out with this one. Color scheme is an important aspect of this email – very black and yellow/orange to emphasize the “Ruination” theme. Links and calls-to-action are in yellow for emphasis, formatting is clean and crisp. Great subscription information in the bottom right, with[…]

Stone News: Two new beers for summer

Beautiful imagery in this one. Stone is definitely upping their production value on email formatting, however there are still some table alignment issues (check out the ABV in both release notes). Regardless, a well-formatted email with good promotions and customer involvement (fan photo). Looks like they’re jumping on the can-wagon also…


Amazing that Stone received $2.5M for their IndieGoGo campaign for buying beer futures. These communications have been frequent during the campaign, letting members as well as supporters know about their collaboration news and progress on the Berlin brewery. Great use of an existing crowd-funding site, however there was a lot of duplicative messaging both from[…]

A personal request from Stone’s co-founders

This is a cool IndieGoGo project! Not sure how this kind of project, basically selling beer futures, qualifies as an IndieGoGo crowd-funding effort, but they were able to make it happen. Cool idea to open a Stone Brewery in Berlin, seems like it will absolutely blow Europe’s collective beer mind with the amount of hops[…]