Standing up against hate

Very few of the loyalty programs to which I belong took any, let alone such a vocal position, on the happenings of this past week. I think this is a bold and definitive statement on behalf of the Uber company and presumably the drivers. For a rideshare service that has had a number of driver-passenger[…]

Cheers to you, Scott

Just a simple little thank you email from Uber, who doesn’t usually send out promotional emails like this. I like the fact that there’s a geography-specific coupon tied to a brewery (Harpoon in Boston) and that it recounts some of the stats I’ve posted using the service.

Shhh, secret show tonight

This was a brilliant in-app promotion! I only wish I was in Chicago at the time to try to get in! Easy instructions on how to use just intensify the hype factor. The email formatting could have been a little tighter – notice the text-wrap to the right of the phone image and the “<span>”[…]