Scott’s Account Status Plus the Free Night Promotion

I just thought this was a nice reengagement effort, accomplishing quite a bit in a single email including: promotion details; account dashboard; customized reward preference; property highlights; and member only offers. The only thing that weighs this email down is the promotional and other legalese in the footer of the email. Otherwise very action-oriented.

Standing up against hate

Very few of the loyalty programs to which I belong took any, let alone such a vocal position, on the happenings of this past week. I think this is a bold and definitive statement on behalf of the Uber company and presumably the drivers. For a rideshare service that has had a number of driver-passenger[…]

We’re matching tips again this Tuesday

Just a cool opportunity for the Uber drivers and a great Public Relations play for the company. I haven’t tipped an Uber driver yet, but I could see where this kind of promotion helps to build awareness of the new feature within the app. Simple, clean graphics, hashtags…very well done.

Marijuana Legalization: Has it Changed Keystone

I like this email from Vail Resorts, obviously addressing concerns from families over recreational use of marijuana in Colorado. Keystone is definitely one of Vail’s more family-friendly resorts, so it makes sense to gear the message towards this audience before some of the others – perhaps as a test to gauge response, not sure. The[…]