Do you have people working with/for you?

I recently formed an LLC to provide marketing services to business and industries that could benefit from my experience. Part of that experience is a wide and deep network of organizations that I trust in areas of marketing outside my sweet spot of brand storytelling. So I can easily scale my virtual organization to meet the needs of any client, established or growing. Once we brainstorm the needs of your organization, I will provide a detailed blueprint of what I feel it will take to provide solutions to your business pain. That plan will look at the resources available internally as well as those that can be assembled at a moments’ notice for defined project work. We can structure interactions in the way that best suits your internal workflows with the overall goal of providing a complete solution, on-time and -budget. If I am not the right partner for the short- or long-term project we identify, I’m happy to connect you with a specialized marketing services provider that better matches your needs.

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