How long does it take to “build a brand?” After a branding workshop, will I have what I need to market the brand myself?

I’d love to tell you that marketing is a structured formula and exact science, but it’s neither of those things. It starts as a set of plans and an understanding of the brand’s true north (the brand story and guidelines for telling it), and then trial and error to connect that story with your customers in a thoughtful, meaningful way. My goal is to give your team the tools to run the marketing side of your business without me! Ultimately, that’s a win. However, not every company has an experience marketing function capable of executing the plans we lay out. That’s where we brainstorm on options to either evolve the organization or bring in trusted third-party partners to help in the interim. In either case, the goals is to deliver solutions to your business pain on-time and -budget, optimizing for available resources internally or externally.

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