Is your site secure? Is my information safe?

I have taken every precaution to ensure that and any information exchanged therein remains secure. I have a SHA-2 level SSL certificate issued by and second-level trustmark certification through McAfee. Issued to individual websites, this level of certification ensures that any personal information like email and credit card information is only captured using 2048-bit encryption (I don’t have access to your credit card information following purchase).

You can always confirm that the page you are viewing on is secure by checking the address bar of your Internet browser for a secure connection and the bottom right-hand corner for the McAfee Secure trustmark.

Personal privacy is important to me. Which is why I won’t ever share or sell personally-identifiable information without prior consent. At this point, the only records I keep of visitors and customers is their name, email address and IP address. This is more for reporting purposes than anything. Additional, non-personally-identifiable information can be collected and reported through Google Analytics in order to measure the success of advertising efforts on site traffic and conversion, for example. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out and we’ll talk about it.

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