Tell us about your website. Who maintains it; what platform is it built on; and how might I start hosting a similar site for my brand?

Great question! My website is based on a paid WordPress theme (Carton-Pro) that I found suited my needs best. It uses masonry to readjust content tiles on the homepage and on deeper category pages to properly display my posts and content at any resolution (desktop to mobile). There are thousands of free and paid themes out there for WordPress, and chances are there’s one to fit the needs of nearly every small business. What I like about WordPress is the ability to do it myself: I set up the site initially and then have the tools I need to add content, functionality, shopping and many other features. That’s why I promote the use of WordPress or a similar content management system for the small business clients I work with. My site is hosted by, which includes a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate to provide my customers with the assurance that their contact and credit card information will be encrypted/protected during online purchase. Any other questions, just ask!

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