What tools do you use to manage your website and search engine presence? Do you offer any services to help companies like mine do it myself?

I’m a fan of do-it-yourself, so I like to use tools like WordPress and similar content management systems when it comes to managing your web presence. There is a plugin called Yoast for WordPress that helps you structure your pages and posts so that search engines like Google can find and index relevant content and images on your site to improve your search engine ranking. My WordPress site is connected to a Google Analytics account via a small snippet of code on each page, which helps me understand more clearly what pages are popular and where I need to be more engaging. Forms on the website are connected to a Salesforce.com Essentials account to help me stay on top of client conversations and conversions. I like Hootsuite for managing my social media presence, but I’m sure that I’m using only a fraction of its full potential. Happy to discuss other bells and whistles that you may see on my site that interest you!

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