What type of project manager are you? How often can I expect to hear from you; receive status updates on projects; and to what extent will we be able to participate in the process? This is our brand, after all, and no one knows it better than we do.

As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) I have a broad range of experience managing efforts of different size, scope and budget. However, just as important as the past experience is how I approach our future engagement: my professionalism with stakeholders, my relationship with partners and my leadership of team members. Early we will establish the proper cadence for communicating project status, and I expect you to hold me to that. I am a big fan of easily-digestible dashboard reporting, which are perfect for executive status meetings. And I wholly expect your participation in the process, to whatever extent you are willing and able. As a brand owner or executive, no one will ever understand the brand origin story at your same level. NO ONE. However, that’s not the goal: we need for current and prospective customers to connect with an aspect of your brand that is meaningful to them, not only to you. And that’s what you’re paying me to help you accomplish. Ultimately, we’ll find the right balance after a short time working together, and adjust where needed.

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