Who are you as a person? What personal pursuits and passions make you more qualified to work on my brand?

My brother Ryan and I at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.

I grew up in a small Ohio town and still have family there that I try to visit often. My brother is an actor and marketer in his own right, living in Hollywood. I have lived in Chicago, SoCal, Texas and now NorCal, and find my friends everywhere in-between. Some of my favorite days are spent on the lake or the mountain. Or you can find me taking a long hike or bike around Chico. I love to travel and I’m always quick to say “yes” to an adventure. Relationships are sacred to me, which has helped inform my approach to engaging fans and protecting customers’ privacy. Over the years I have been fortunate to work in all areas of marketing – from radio to television, digital to social, public relations to events – and I understand how to use each medium most effectively to a greater, cumulative result. I’m a fan of craft beer and even played around with homebrewing before taking a job as a commercial brewer for a couple years. Some might say that beer and outdoor lifestyle seem to be a focus for my efforts: definitely of personal interest, but what defines me professionally is my ability to adapt the fundamental building blocks of high-performance storytelling across many industries.

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