Why isn’t it part of your core service offerings to manage the tactical side of the marketing plan we put together?

A lot of our conversation to this point has been about where to start: a clear brand storyline. And while I will push for this before tackling anything else, the successful execution of our plans is just as important to me! I imagine us clearly articulating the brand mission, position, story, voice and benefits, then putting together a content marketing strategy or storytelling blueprint that helps direct our media efforts (website, social, POS, events, etc.). From there, count me in for helping get things started, it’s just my intent to help make you self-sufficient (even if it means making myself unnecessary). Coming in and putting the structures and processes in place for your current team, closest to your brand, seems like the best long-term play for successful brand marketing for your business. But count on me to roll up my sleeves and work alongside you and your team to help get there.

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