You are very expensive. Are prices negotiable?

I’d like to say there’s a standard rate card for marketers that looks at years of experience, channel knowledge, scope of work and other variables, but there’s not. So I’ve considered the following when establishing fee schedule:

  • How I work – I’m confident that I can be extremely productive working with most people. Any challenges to our working relationship will come up very early in conversation.
  • Process and structure – while there is not foolproof formula for successful engagement, I have the breadth and depth of experience across industries necessary to establish a successful track record. I’ll bring those tools to the table, and create new ones as we go along.
  • Quality of work product – I want for your team to be proud of our work together. I take immeasurable pride in the quality of my deliverables, and I hold myself and others to a high standard of performance.

Our work will be priced according to various levels of investment from both sides. These prices are either per hour, per project or based on a retainer arrangement. All prices are discussed and agreed upon at the start of the engagement.

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