Whether introducing the first-ever loyalty programs for the portfolio of Jim Beam brands or engaging tens of thousands of retail sales associates around the world for Oakley, the common thread has always been finding the right way to help brands to stand out from the clutter. Now I’m excited to share that experience with companies that understand the role that marketing plays in helping to achieve next-level success with thoughtful best practices and an integrated approach to communications.  Why work with an advisor?  As an advisor, my coaching style invites clients to get as passionate as I am about the storytelling opportunity within their organizations.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp advisor photo

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp – Seattle, WA

I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked with some amazing, global brands. What I’ve learned is that storytelling is fundamentally the same regardless of business size or scope of opportunity. When I ran communications for the marketing team at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., the third-largest craft brewer in the nation, we were surprised to learn just how few people knew about the iconic green label the further in you moved from either coast. We were missing the story, and the means of telling it to a broader audience. This is one of the universal building blocks for successful engagement.  Let’s take time to get this piece right for you and build a successful marketing plan around it.