Brand Story

A good brand story is the foundation for engaging craft beverage marketing. Your story is completely unique and amazing to you! And it sets the tone for how to communicate with employees, customers and the industry.

Let’s take a look at the stories told by some of your favorite brands. Which do you like and why? Customers are looking for brands to be transparent and differentiated. Knowing what you stand for gives clarity and purpose to everything you do. Together, let’s use the following information to draft a 2-3 sentence brand story you’re proud of:

The Barrel Run brand story photo

The Barrel Run – Chicago, IL

Write your brand story in 3 sentences

  • The origin story
  • Company mission statement
  • Company vision statement
  • Definition of company business and product/service
  • Product or service quality and features
  • Brand positioning
    • Benefits to the customer
    • How you differ from competitors
    • How you are relevant
    • Voice used to speak with the customer
    • Promises you make
  • Testing the brand story, does it satisfy:
    • What is the problem
    • Are you the underdog
    • Reshape the experience
    • Foster loyalty
    • Have a visible founder
    • Answer who you are and what you stand for
    • Do good

Format(s): live, video, webinar
Tool(s): workbook, templates, group build