I hope that we have an opportunity to do some great work together! Transparency is important when I talk about how I work and the value of deliverables. You will find on this site a number of examples of my work product: knowing the style, quality and professionalism of my output goes miles towards informing you if we could work well together on a project (you can always check out my resume here).


As a certified project manager (PMP), I can adapt my services to best align with your team’s internal systems or processes. But there are certain steps that cannot be skipped if we are to have a successful engagement (transparency again). I may not be the right partner for your needs – I can respect that. I believe that we will know that soon after starting the conversation. And if I don’t end up being right for your business, I am happy to make recommendations for other trusted partners in my network who may be a better fit. I am confident that if we do choose to work together to tackle your business pain point that you will find my marketing experience to be a valuable asset to your team’s efforts.