What I offer

I will always start the services conversation by asking questions about your brand. What I’ve found is that not all brands have taken the time to clearly articulate for themselves or their customers what the brand stands for, its mission, voice and positioning with respect to peers in the industry. This is the first step to successful storytelling for every business, both established and growing. If not already, I will help you articulate your brand positioning an a way that can be immediately put to use by your team.From there, we can identify quick-hit areas with significant impact and longer-term services as a part of an integrated storytelling campaign for your brand. There are projects we identify that you will be able to manage and execute internally and those that I can help manage either on-site or remotely. If you or your team run into a wall, we can talk about it. As a marketing advisor, I have the unique ability to cater my efforts to exactly what your business needs to set itself apart from the competition. Note: I may be working with other brands inside your industry, however your business proprietary data is always covered by a non-disclosure agreement signed once we begin work, lasting for the duration of our contracted engagement. I specialize in on-site engagements and workshops; strategy and annual planning/budgeting exercises; and project/performance management.